“The counselors at the {treatment} clinic are very caring. They all want to see us grow and succeed in our recovery. They do not get us clean and sober; they provide us with the tools we need to obtain a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is offered to us, all we need to do is to accept it and to apply it to our everyday life. . . As far as I am concerned, the {treatment} clinic saved my life.”

“I just wanted to express my opinion to say that I would never have made it without the {treatment} clinic. The counselors and medical staff there have saved my life and my family. They are so much more than a methadone clinic – they are God sent with all the help that comes from inside those doors. I’ve been able to put my life back together and move on from drugs and alcohol and now I’ve got my life and career back where it needs to be and I owe it all to the treatment. I’ve been clean and sober for six years, eight months and twenty one days thanks to all the help I’ve gotten from the {treatment} clinic.”

“I have had an amazing improvement of quality of life.”

“The counselors, nurse, staff are awesome. Very kind and helpful. This place {treatment} saved my life.”

“Very happy with what I have accomplished. Don’t believe I could have without treatment.”

“My life has changed for the better. Counseling has helped me with my problems.”

“I personally love the program. I don’t have to stick a needle in my arm anymore.”

“Only good comments—the staff is very friendly and warm and inviting. I like the care everyone brings to not just me – the environment.”